These are all real comments made by genuine people .                           

I hope you find them useful and give you an insight into the balance of Love , Quality and Dedication i try to give to each and every kitten .....


Hi Chris, Thank you for the photo's,they are lovely  Bitzaglitz  Banner looks a handsome 
boy .I am thinking about names, any suggestions .All the Best Judy.  9th Aug 2015 .


 Thanks for getting back to me , are snowshoes happy by themselves  ?  The snowshoe appealed as it said they are bombproof .

thanks Karen . 1st Aug 2015.


 Hi Chris,Thank you,I look forward to seeing  the pics .Kind regards Judy. 28th July 2015 .


 Hi Chris

 Much appreciated. I am very keen to have a male snowshoe. 5* home waiting when ready.

 Speak soon

 Natalie. 26th July 2015 .


 Hi Chris  

I'm not sure if I  asked you before but please would  you put me on the waiting list for a kitten  from your next litter. 

 Christine  S. 13th July 2015 .



 I am looking for a male kitten to join our 5* family home. Will keep an eye out on your website for update.

 Kind regards

 Natalie . 5th Jul 2015 .



 That would be lovely thanks Chris. Appreciate the mention. :-)

 Here's the episode link. http://www.channel5.com/shows/90-cats-counting-cat-crazies/episodes/cat-crazy

  Did you know she still loves jumping on people's backs and spinning on office chairs. I have lots of you tube videos.


 Best Wishes

 Kelly Cruse

www.destriercats.co.uk  4th July 2015 .



Hi Chris

 She stole the show! Everyone knows who she is a real super star. Real credit to you xx

 Best Wishes

 Kelly Cruse 

 www.destriercats.co.uk 4th July 2015 .


 Hello there. I am interested in a shoeshoe kitten. Have previously and still own British blue shorthair but am rather taken with a snowshoe.

Regards Natalie . 2nd July 2015 .


 Hi Chris

Just viewed yor very impressive website.   I live in Harrogate a North Yorkshire.  I would be very interested in  Snowshoe kitten due later this year.
I have always had Siamese in the past I believe this breed is very affectionate also.

I look forward to your reply.  Kind regards .

Christine S .  2nd July 2015 .


 Hi Chris

 Just a quick message to say Holly my first Snowshoe I brought from you in 2007 has become quite a star and is well known on the Internet and visitors always enjoy seeing her.

 Out Cats (especially Holly) are on TV tonight 8 pm channel 5 

90 cats and counting: cat crazies

 Thank you for such a lovely girl. She been neutered for a few years now and is a much loved pet.

 Best Wishes

 Kelly Cruse

 www.destriercats.co.uk 1st July 2015 .



  Thank you very much for coming back to me. I will be waiting and hoping for exiting news then.

 Have a lovely afternoon.

 With kind regards, Anette . 5th May 2015 .



----------------- Good morning, my wife & I live in Lincoln and early in the new year would like to acquire a 'Tabby Point Snowshoe either a kitten or an adult up to the age of 2 years....can you help?

  We have kept cats now for over 30 years and after much research think that this breed would be perfect for us and they have got to be the most beautiful cat that my wife & I have ever set our eyes on especially the tabby point!

Hope you can help
Kind regards
Andrew B .  5th Dec 2014 .



  A few days ago, I wrote you.

 Caress your cats from me.

 Best regards

Max  . 26th Nov 2014 .


 I think your Cat website is amazing. Very good info and photos. I was wondering if I could add your link to my Cat website? I have tons of people who love cats and kittens and I think they would really love to see your site as much as I did. Keep up all your really good work!

thank you,
Susan . 20th June 2014 .


  Hi Chris,

 just to let you know ..... I'm not very well.   Briefly in hospital,
 then transferred to a residential care home. Now back home.
 Cats all rehomed.   Not sure what happens next, will keep you 
love and purrs                 Mollie . 1st June 2014 .


 Hi I seem to be going from one breeder to another and not getting any replies so you are my last resort after this I give up

  I am living without a pet and I am not enjoying it I have to spend a lot of time at home and miss the company, now we come to these beautiful stunning  snowshoes I would love one  I wondered if at any time you wanted to retire one of your beatiful babies. I would like an older cat because I find that sometimes people fall in love with  the kitten but when the kitten grows up the novelty wears of so to speak.

  I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time 

Denise V . 21st May 2014 .



Hi Chris.

 I was only 'just looking' but am now trying to decide which one I must really

have ..... like I don't have enuff cat pictures already!  I still have one that needs
framing.   Your two were great ..... one already framed and one that didn't need
a frame so I could enjoy them straight away.
talk soon                    Mollie   [and cats]   1st Feb 2014 .



Hi Chris,

  my friends arrived 5-30 ish.  .....

  by the way..... they LOVED  your  pic of Ferry.          love and purrsss             Mollie . 29th Dec 2013 .



 Hi Chris ,

thank you for putting your boys on the website for me to see..... they're 
lovely..... and such nice Christmassy pics too.

 take care             Mollie . 27th Dec 2013 .


  Hi Chris,
You really do try very hard to get your kittens eating. 
Thank you for being SOOO persistent  in searching out the Snowshoe items.
they are few and far between ..... but much appreciated.
I say good morning and goodnight to my lovely Ferry Snowshoe pic each day.
 your parcel to me arrived
here in excellent order, not even a 'nick' in the wrapping. 
talk soon                  Mollie . 26th Dec 2013 .



 Hi Chris,

 thank you soo much for the wonderful Christmas pressie.   Absolutely
Stunning. The larger pic is on the wall next to my sofa in the lounge.
The Angel is on the mantle.   What a wonderful thoughtful gift, I am so
very appreciative.

 I can't remember having anything

quite as nice before. I really love them.  Once again ..... thank you so very
very much. 
I think I will have a 'cuppa' right now and admire them both again.   I think
I shall sleep on the sofa tonight so that I can see my lovely lad before I go
to sleep tonight.
Have a lovely Christmas.  
bfn               Mollie . 25th Dec 2013 .



Hi Chris,

just to let you know ..... your parcel to me has arrived!  what  a surprise it was!

I don't think I will go to bed tonite too curious ..... I shall open it after midnight.

have a good Christmas.

take care                  love and purrs                        Mollie   24th Dec 2013 .



  Hi Chris,

 I know how much effort you put into getting your babies off to a good start,

I don't think anyone could put more thought and care into it than you do.

  well, bfn               Mollie  . 14th Dec 2013 .


 Hi Chris,

 My goodness you do put a lot of effort [and research] into safeguarding your kittens
health, all credit to you.  Your boys sound lovely..... don't know how you will decide
which one t o keep and which one to let go.

  Fingers crossed for healthy kittens  and you're proving it. 

bfn                   Mollie

from everyone at 
brrr ..... coldenufforsnow .  11th Dec 2013 .


 hi chris ,

 how the days drag without my lovely ferry.  however bitzaglitz  jessica
is my constant companion.   she doesn't pester ,,,,, just likes to be near
to me .     what a sweet girl                   bfn                mollie

from everyone at 

brrr ..... coldenufforsnow .  26th Nov 2013 .



  Hi Chris,

 I'm soo glad you enjoyed our chat last night I certainly did. 

 love and purrsss                      Mollie . 22nd Nov 2013 .


 Hi Chris,

 Thank you for your nice comments about me, you've bolstered my flagging
confidence.          xxx                 Mollie . 18th Nov 2013 .


  Hi CHRis,

 aaah ..... but I had a good partner in you.  |I couldn't have done it without
your good support.      
Oh well, for me and you it's onwards and upwards I guess.     bfn          Mollie . 18th Nov 2013 .


Hi Chris,
you're most welcome.    As I said to a friend last week .....' well I've been 
around a long time!' and so have you.  None of the others have had the stamina!  
bfn                     Mollie . 18th Nov 2013 .


 Hi Chris,

I have just been reading the customer comments on your website .....
really brightened my day.             bfn              Mollie

from everyone at 

brrr ..... coldenufforsnow . 18th Nov 2013 .


  Hi Chris

  Bitzaglitz  Storm Prince your boy  is a lovely boy but I don't own him. Cath Webb of Skiboots imported him   http://snowshoecats.webs.com/

 While I am not new to breeding, snowshoes are a new thing for me.

 I am working with Cathy to promote Snowshoes here. This litter that I am expecting with Fuyuki and Prince is my first snowshoe litter.

  Bye Tracy Godkin

 Catsville Cattery  Australia .  16th Nov 2013 .


 Hi Chris ,

I have been on the phone to one person for 90 minutes today.... and the lady was 
calling from Australia!   She's Snowshoe crazy [never a bad thing to be] She is breeding and showing SSs.

 She has a website and has a pic/s of one of your boys on it ..... very nice a and very
interesting. BFN   Mollie . 15th Nov 2013 .


 Hi Chris,

If its ok with you for the 16th late afternoon that would be great .

 You've been so kind already

thank you
Anne . 8th Sept 2013 .



 Hello Chris  Once again Chris we can not thank you enough for all your help. 

Andrew & Imran . 9th July 2013.


Snowshoe Breed Presentation In Australia .

May I please have your permission to use some of your photos for a Snowshoe breed presentation at a Judges' seminar next weekend?

Valerie C

 In Australia . 5th Aug 2012 .


 Hi Chris, 

I forwarded this guys details to you yesterday,
and he's thanked me.  Now you don't get that
happen very often!
BFN           Mollie . 13th May 2012 .


 Hello Sebastion,

sorry I can't help with a 'preferred pattern' like Ferry or Jessica 

at the moment, but will forward your mail to Chris  of Bitzaglitz
who actually bred Jessica. I know that she has kittens but I'm 
not sure of patterns etc.
good luck              Mollie . 12th May 2012. 


  Hello Mollie,

I would like to be on a waiting list for a kitten if possible please. I was looking for one similar to Ferry, Haiku or Jessica.

I am a 35 year old professional male living in both the UK and Poland,  we would just love to welcome one of your kittens into our home.

Could you please email me with any other pertinent information please.

Many Thanks
Sebastian C . 12th May 2012 .


 Hi Chris,

 thank you sooo much for putting me on your website,
I really appreciate it.  

BFN             Mollie .  13th May 2012 .


  Hi, Chris,

Thank you very much for your reply and the info. .
Let me say that I greatly admire your cats - I used to look at your adverts 
before I  decided to get another snowshoe.

Best wishes,
Myra . 6th May 2012 .


  Hi Chris ,

  Inlay is a super looking boy with a fab temperament,

both inherited from his dad Banner   ( your boy )

 Take care        Mollie . 4th May 2012 .


  When are you likely to have other seal bicolours/classic pattern snowshoes available?  I very much admired your seal boy recently advertised but was not looking for one then.

Best wishes,
Myra. 27th April 2012 .



i was wondering if you are going to have any snowshoe kittens in september?  you have marvelous colours and your website is so eye catching and lovely to read. if it is possible could you get back in touch x thx so very much looking forward to your email. Jasmine . 23rd April 2012 .


 It was nice to speak to you on the phone and we are very interested in a Snowshoe kitten as a pet. Actually we are more attracted to the colour point than the "preferred" marking. We will call you before we drive back from our trip to France, and hope that there will be an opportunity to meet you and your Snowshoe cats. - and be on your waiting list.

Terence & Moira (North Ayrshire)  21st Feb 2012 .


 hi chris havent spoke in a while and wanted to drop you a line to ask if you would help me out by letting me know firstly if you would consider letting me have a boy and girl for breeding in the future i really do want to start them  here in Malta  and also i want them from someone reputable like yourself let me know what you think . Kind Regards . xx  19th Feb 2012 .


  Hi Chris ,

 update on Inlay.
I do hope we get some really nice babies.  Fox is a super
girl and Inlay is really nice too.  He is of course by Banner
out of Jess, so he is of your breeding.  
BFN                Mollie . 11th Feb 2012 .


Hi Chris,

 I wanted to let you know that the cat (we have called him Cookie) is doing really well. He is lovely and friendly and we all love him!

I am attaching a picture for you to see, with some of his admirers! I was just showing the children your website and Cookie's dad, Blue? I was trying to remember the name of his mum...

Thanks again, I am now a snowshoe fan!

 Rachel . 11th Feb 2012 .


 Hi Chris,

 Glad to hear that you'll be using Banner in your programme.  I have kept one of his  sons, just to put to Haiku. He's a stunning boy 

and has the most fab temperament, just like his father. 

 ( Banner being my home bred preferred pattern Snowshoe boy , can be seen on my website – www.bitzaglitz.co.uk )

 talk soon            Mollie .  30th Jan 2012 .


Hi Chris,

  over the last year I've been asked several times for a sequel to my book.

It'sbeen 8 years since I wrote the original, and not a lot seems to have happened 

in this time. I listed 31 breeders last time.  Of those there are just 2 who are still 
breeding SSs , the two of us,  Bitzaglitz and Coldenufforsnow! 

BFN          Mollie . 28th Jan 2012. 

  Thank you- he looks charming and while I've never heard of snowshoes before (sorry) what I've read on the web makes them sound like good family cats

many thanks

Manda . 22nd  Jan 2012 .



 We are from Denmark and fell in love in Snowshoe. 

 We are interested to hear about your snowshoe and how their temper is?

 And it was in Germany we saw a Snowshoe

Greetings from Denmark . 21st Jan 2012 .


  My wife and I are interested in having a Snowshoe kitten as our new pet. 

 we miss having a cat around the house . After seeing the wonderful markings that snowshoes have and reading about their nature and temperament we have decided that this breed is the one for us! 

 Kind regards, Gerry D& Julie D.  8th Jan 2012 .


 7th Jan 2012 .

Good Morning !

 He's so beautiful Chris, thank you for sending the photos. His personality is just what I want and he's just stunning to look at too.....wow I'm thrilled to bits.

Kind Regards



please call me if the beautiful kitten is available.

kind regards  Hilary. 29th Dec 2011.


 Hi Chris ,

The first time I saw a Snowshoe was last week and I really liked it


Peter H

Managing Director, 29th  Nov 2011, 


 Hi Chris,

 You're very good with your website, always updating it.  It looks very 

professional too.  Well done you. 

  Inlay my 2nd generation boy by  Bitzaglitz  Banner,(  Your Boy )  , He's such a lovely boy.  Such

a nice type and just loves having his tummy rubbed.

 BFN           Mollie . 22nd Nov 2011 .


 Hi Lisa,                                                                                                                                                                            

People that you could approach and perhaps be added to their waiting lists are - Chris - [email protected] and on her website www.bitzaglitz.co.uk and Karen - [email protected]

Both breed very nice Snowshoes and are certainly responsible breeders .

Kind Regards.

Mollie of Coldenufforsnow Cattery. [email protected]    14th Nov 2011.


Hi Chris ,

I hope you don't mind but i have mentioned you on my website , i felt it was appropriate to tell the Snowshoe story from my angle of healthy breeding .

Kelly of Snowshoecatsuk.      5th July 2011.


 Healthy Breeding  by Kelly .

I fell in love with the Snowshoe cat back in 2005 - 2006 , i researched them and purchased my first Snowshoe cats from Chris Thompson from Bitzaglitz Cattery , Holly being my first girl . I was so pleased with Chris's cats i travelled to the other side of the country a few times to purchase them .

Mollie and Chris were a big inspiration to me and got me hooked on them .

I would like to say a big thank - you .

Kelly of Snowshoecatsuk .    5th July 2011.


  Hi Chris, 

love your new site, very much more interesting. I'm not surprised that many of your enquiries are for a 'kitten like Bitzaglitz  Jessica' ..... she was stunning as a baby and as a young adult. BFN . Mollie . 30th Nov 2010 .


Thank you ,however I am still infatuated with the large 6 month old boy ,I have not stopped thinking about both babies .Bye ,Kath 30th Nov 2010.


your kittens are adorable.  I  now have 2 which I adore However I would still love another yours fit the bill  , Awaiting your reply  .   I am  going to take another look at your little darlings.     Kath. . 28th Nov 2010 .


Thanks for pics he is lovely . Jocelyn . 26th Nov 2010 .


 Hi, My Daughter is interested in Snowshoes - we went to the cat show at the Dome ,she is interested in the breed after seeing them and speaking to various owners  at the show .Would it be possible to come  and see your cats ?      Kind Regards . Josephine .     24th Nov 2010 .


 Hi ,I am interested in the fabolous boy  .

Thanks and regards,Simona!     19th Nov 2010 .


Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your kind offer.  We have a cat basket which we will bring with us.

See you Saturday.

Annabel .  18th Nov 2010 .


Fantastic!!  If it is okay with you we will come and collect him on Saturday lunchtime , Many thanks  -  and he will be so loved!!

Annabel       16th  Nov 2010 .



  Thanks for all the information. I love your kitten . They are hard to find.  Yours is beautiful. Thanks again,

      Sheila .  14 th Nov 2010 .



Your kitten is gorgeous.  How much is a passport? How much is airport transportation, approximately? 

    Thanks, Sheila . 12 th Nov 2010 .



We have recently lost our much loved family cat, and are looking to add another kitten to our family.  I came across your website, and your cats look beautiful.

 Thanks for any reply,

 Sarah W.    10 Nov 2010.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

Can I ask when your next litter of Snowshoes will be available?  We are very taken with the breed,.


Sarah W .   10th Nov 2010 .


 Hi Chris,
a further mail  below from Claudia with a couple of photos of her cats,            BFN                    Mollie . 8th Nov 2010 .


 Hello Mollie,  I am really impressed with your beautiful Snowshoes.  I was very proud of AVALANCHE, he  is  a wonderful boy.  Chris  of Bitzaglitz   also was wonderful to work with. I was really new at shipping cats overseas.   Thanks for the offer of your book.

                                                                    Regards,    7th Nov 2010 .



 Hello Claudia,
thank you for your nice comments about my website and cats.  Chris of Bitzaglitz and I have been friends for some time now  ………….. Molllie . 7th Nov 2010 .


Dear Mollie, My name is Claudia……, I raise Snowshoes in USA

I wanted to tell you what a beautiful web site you have.  Your

cats are very, very, nice.  I am interested in purchasing  your book.  I also was pleasantly

suprised to see Bitzaglitz cats .   Bitzaglitz cattery purchased a Blue male, Preffered

pattern from me several years ago.  

                                                                                 Best Regards,     7th Nov 2010.

                                                                                    Claudia ………


 Just arrived from a show in Gothenburg I have to tell you that Bitzaglitz
 Snowies and Kylmas son got his last certificate and became Supreme  Premier. And he got a great FIFE rosette from the club.  
I suppose he is the first one in Europe to get that title.
 See you
 Maria H .       Sweden  .            6th Nov 2010.


 Hello Chris, the Snowshoe
looks so smart, we were all taken with them  at the show.
Thank you for your kindness,
Hope to speak to you again soon,  - and visit your Snowshoes -.
                                    Kind regards, Josephine S .      2nd Nov 2010 .


 Thanks so much for this Chris.
xx Karen .   31 st Oct  2010 .


Hello dear Chris, Thank for your answer!

Yes snowshoes are very beautiful! I would like to begin breed in Israel.

Thanks for pictures of your boy, he very sweet,. I need in very good boy! I think that you understand me! I want to begin breed in Israel with very good colour . Maybe you have now such kittens, what I want?

                                                                                    27th Oct 2010 .               Israel . Ella     Thanks


Hi Chris,

Bitzaglitz  Banner went on exhibition and thoroughly enjoyed himself again.  He LOVES all the attention
take care                  BFN               Mollie .    24 th Oct 2010



 My name Ella and I from Israel.

 I have cattery of the Himalaya cats.  But recently I seen new cats Snowshoe and I fallen in love! They are very beautiful cats! I want to start to breed this cats!! I read so much about Snowshoe, but they very rare and I no find a lot of information.  I would like to find out more about this breed.

We no have Snowshoe in Israel, therefore I will be first who will bring this breed.  but I want only the best!  Top-show!!  

thank you very much!

I try to buy already long time very good snowshoes, but I cannot find. I need with very good type, I like show's and I want  very much to show them!

In the past I spoke with Mollie and she advised me will address to you, with hope that you have now kittens.

Sorry for my English!!             22nd Oct 2010  .



Thanks for the lovely photos. Could you give me some details about the little chaps,  I am looking for a really outgoing, full on and affectionate cat .Thanks so much,

Julie .    17th Oct 2010 .



Hi Chris,  Bitzaglitz  Banner is growing up, quite tall now and as charming as ever. I can hardly believe that he's only 6 months
old.  It seems as if he's always lived here.

 take care           Mollie 13th Oct 2010 .



 Hi Chris,
She is the most delightful little kitten! They have all settled in well
after a couple of days . Jazz loves her . She just follows us around all day chirping and
playing with our feet or whatever she can reach,
Thank you,
Anne .      11th Oct  2010 .



Hi there

Thanks for getting back to me..   I really like the look of the
one pictured in the middle - looks a little terror -  Be sure he will have a good
home .    
Look forward to hearing from you.

Jane A  .       8th Oct 2010 .



Thank you

.they are beautiful.. thanks x     21st Sep 2010 .



Hi Chris,
Very good news re the little girl, can I pick her up next week  ?. been thinking about a
name but haven't decided yet probably not Jasmine as it will be a bit
confusing for Jazz, he is such a cute
boy very laid back.
Anne .           16th Sep 2010



Hi Chris,
thanks for the pic.  He looks lovely.   I'm very excited about getting him .....
July 19th seems ages away!
BFN            Mollie   .  9th June 2010



Thanks a million Chris!!

Really love looking at the kittens and am soooo looking forward to July!

See you then .    28th May 2010 .




Hi Chris,

could you put a copy or the kittens pedigree in the post for me please ? he could be
a VERY important boy!
Thanks so much              BFN              Mollie . 25th May 2010 .



Hi Chris,

Jessica is the proud mum of 6 babies! For the moment it's enough that mum and babies are happy and well.  Thank you so much for letting me have her. She's a real sweetie.  I'm sure she's going to enjoy being a mum. will keep you posted.             BFN           Mollie . 23 rd May 2010 .



Hi Chris,

The pics
are cute and a lilac girl would be fine, they are all lovely. look forward to seeing her in
the fur,
Anne        20th May 2010 .



Chris ,

This is great news! Thanks so much for the offer of a return visit also. We really appreciate all your time and patience with her/us. Thanks so much,


Karen . 10 th May 2010.



Thank you so much for all the lovely pics Chris. I am really looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow – Kind regards

Gill . 5th May 2010 .



Hi Chris ,

Thanks for the fab. photos! I don't know who to choose! (Am still thinking of a pair) I've decided I don't mind whether I have the classically marked kittens either! DSC09609 is beautifully marked and DSC09470 looks very cute in his photo. Would love more photos of these two boys as they develop if possible. Is it okay if I come down to see them ?  Kind regards . Gill. 4th May 2010.



Hi Chris
Kitties look fab.  From your pictures picture 609 kitty looks a wee delight.
Is it possible to reserve him ? Gill .4th May 2010 .


 Hi Chris,

Is there a little girl for me from the bi-colour girl? Regards, Anne . 4th May 2010 .



  Hi Chris
They are both adorable.  Would you be able to send pics of the others as well for me to look at.
Tracy . 1st May 2010



Hi Chris, That is great news.  Glad they are all ok. Can't wait to see the pictures of them.
Look forward to hearing from you soon
Tracy  30th April 2010.



Hi Chris - good to hear from you
That sounds great. Would it suit if I came down that weekend to choose and
take away a new family member?
Gill 27th April 2010 .



Hi Chris,

Any news on BSH kittens yet?

My snowshoe babies are growing by the day and are staggering around now, little monkeys they are so cute, speak soon,


Anne . 22nd April 2010.



Hi Chris ,

how exciting getting started on your new lines at last. Your SS babies sound cute.. 'bye for now           Mollie 19 th April 2010.




 i emailed you a while ago saying i had chosen a name, but all is fine, she's doing well. she's getting along with both our cat and dog, shes taken a very good liking to our dog and will only purr when she's near him/laying in his bed with him. she loves to play with our older cat too. we decided to call her Ruby . thanks .  vicky . 18th April 2010 .



 Hi Chris, Congratulations on your kittens, hope your british blue girl has her kittens soon,  I am impatient for a kitten especially as I was at a TICA show on Saturday and there was a blue bi-colour bsh kitten in the pen next to my snowshoe.

Hope to hear from you soon, Anne.12 th April 2010 .



Hi Chris,

 I like your newly updated website. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it
had only just been updated. It looks good, you must have been busy. Your enquirers who want a kitten 'just like  Bitzaglitz Jessica' know a nice snowshoe when
they see one .   Purrsss. Mollie .    27th March 2010 .



Hi Chris, 

One place is reserved for a tabby from you.  talk soon    .    Mollie .23rd March 2010.



oh yes i looked at some of the photos on your site and Jessica seems more like my lost loved cat..... do you have more simular to her? Jade  K . 22nd March 2010 .



I am living in Italy,  I lost my beloved Snowshoe cat in November, I am very interested in another snowshoe, I would like to send a photo of mine, because I would very much like to get one simulare as possible. I would like some information if possible. awaiting your response. Laura J . H  21st March 2010 ..



Hi Chris, Thanks so much for everything. We'll keep you posted on her progress.
xxxx  Karen B.  21 st March 2010 .



Chris, Its been a long time since I was in touch , I have been privileged to have two of your gorgeous kittens, Aspen & Whistler (Bailey & Harvey) from Kate , and they have been the most fantastic cats and absolutely wonderful with my little boy who is now 18 months old………. Regards Kathryn B . 18th March 2010.



Hello, I saw your nice snowshoe Jessica on your website.. I try to find second queen in the same quality for my stud. and I fall in love with this fantastic cat.  Jana . Czech Republic. 16th March 2010



. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. I don't mind paying more for a cat that looks like Jessica. Snowshoes are lovely, especially with the face pattern she has and the sock feet...stunning! If you have any with similar patterns to Jessica I would be very interested. Thanks again Scott. 12 th March 2010 .



 whew .....  thanks Chris.     BFN    Mollie .11th March 2010.



My fiance and I are extremely interested in your snowshoe kittens. I have looked everywhere and cannot find any breeders close by. I live in the US. Do you ship your kittens. Thanks! Tiffany . United States . 10th March 2010 .



Hi, I am interested in a snowshoe kitten, can you let me know when you might have some for sale,. I would love one that had similar markings to Jessica. Thanks scott. 9th March 2010 .

Thankyou Chris looking forward to picture. many thanks

kath .  8th March 2010.



Hi Chris, I am happy to report that Osage has a bump! I will keep you posted with her progress. Thank you for looking after her so well, Regards,

Anne .       7th March 2010 .



Hi Chris, I was hoping that 'Blue' would be available for stud duties later this year for my little seal Bi-colour SS girl? If so, could you let me know ?  Many thanks,

Kate.     1st March 2010 .



Hello Chris!    Please, place me on your waiting list.  What does Snowshoe cost and how much was it to export kitten   to   Sweden?   Best regards, Anne      1st March 2010 .



hello chris,  she is great ,  thank you a little character and very mischievous.   my dad adores her and they have bonded very well    so thats a result haha  . thank you.
Leanne x      27th Feb 2010 .



Hello!   My name is Anne R……..and I live in Ylöjärvi, Finland. I am looking for a Snowshoe, but here in Finland, we have only one breeder.  So, I am looking for a kitten from the Europe or USA. We are looking for a Snowshoe-cat for a pet indoors and I like that cat would be she. Thank you for your answers!   Best regards,  Anne R……… 26 th Feb 2010 .



Hi Chris  , Nice to hear from you. The snowshoe boy - Bricks - is adorable still. He is so friendly and sweet natured.  The children absolutely adore him and my daughter who was just getting more brave with our siamese cat  when we got Bricks, actually carries  Bricks around which is great. He has been neutered and he was fine afterwards.  The vet is in love with him! Well who wouldn't be..! Take care
Megan.  26th Feb 2010 .



Hi Chris , My sister in law Gail and my fab friend Karen (snowshoe breeder )  have both recommended you as  possibly having a potential stud for my girl Izzy.  regards
Kath C .     26th Feb 2010 .



Hi Chris,  I'm pleased she is happy, how soon do you think you will be able to tell if she is pregnant?   I have been looking on your website at your British shorthairs as I have been thinking of getting a shorthair  , I wondered if you would consider selling me a kitten at some point, I would promise to spoil her rotten.  Please give Osage a cuddle from me, hope to hear from you soon,

Anne .       16th Feb 2010 .



Well I really appreciate the updates.  I really appreciate you keeping her and looking after her so well-  xxxxx    Karen B .  14th Feb 2010 .



Hi Chris ,   Thanks for the reply.  Would you put me on the waiting list for the Snowshoe and Bengal kittens .    Look forward to hear from you soon.
Tracy .        13 th Feb 2010 .



Hi there!   We talked this morning about the availability of kittens in March and you have added me to your list. 
 I think I would like a seal colourpoint as a first choice .   I'm sure we'll talk again when I get to the top of your waiting list!! Thanks again for your helpful chat this morning - I can see you really care for your cats. Best wishes, Gill  K  .   13th Feb 2010 .



Dear Chris,  Thank you for your reply.  I really appreciate your help with this matter. As much as I really miss my other cat, I see my home as empty without a cute cuddly Snowshoe to greet me when I get home.  Unfortunately, you cannot find Snowshoes here in Turkey.  Thanks again for your assistance !!!

 Best Regards,

Dan . in  Turkey . 12 th Feb  2010 .



Hi Chris ,  Thank you for the information.    Reading on your website I understand that there are kittens due March/April for the Snowshoe and April/May for the Bengal, would I be on the waiting list for one of those kittens?  Also could you tell me how old Gem is as that is a very good price for a Bengal.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Tracy . 11 th Feb 2010 .



 Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update, I'm pleased she is happy with Warrior and think it is better for her to stay rather than bringing her back home too soon. Give her a stroke from me, I do  miss her , Speak to you soon,

Anne .  11th Feb 2010 .



Hi Chris
Thanks for the quick reply. 
I have looked at the snowshoe patterns and would be interested in any .  With regard to the Bengal breed, looking at your website, any colour would be fine , it would be looked after very well and after reading your descriptions either snowshoe or bengal breeds seem ideal for us .

Look forward to hearing from you soon.    Tracy 9th Feb  2010  .



I am interested in the Snowshoe kittens which are due at the end of March.  Also  the Bengal kittens l.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Tracy  . 7th Feb 2010 .



 Hello Chris,

Many thanks for your reply to our email enquiry. We are delighted to hear that you would be willing to help us and that you are going to put us on your waiting list for a suitable girl. Ironically we had also spoken to Mollie Southall and she recommended that we contact you! Best wishes, 

Mike & Gail  . 5th Feb 2010 .




Thank you for replying so quickly. We will take your advice and definitely contact Chris at Bitzaglitz to see if she might be able to help us .

 Thanks again for your help and advice.

Best wishes,

Mike & Gail .     3rd Feb 2010 .


Chris  has several queens and studs plus an imported stud from the USA and may well be
able to help you with a kitten from this years matings.  Her w/s is www.bitzaglitz.co.uk  , so mail or phone her for more details.  [email protected]

kind regards             Mollie   . 3rd Feb 2010 .



Snowshoe kitten enquiry.

Hello my name is Mike and together with my wife Gail  We have for some time now (at least two years!) been thinking quite seriously about getting a Snowshoe. They are quite adorable and we would be delighted to be part of the programme here in the UK to improve and progress the breed.

and wondered whether you might be willing to put us on your waiting list for a suitable girl,

We very much look forward to hearing back from you and hope that in the not too distant future we can become part of the Snowshoe breeding community here in the UK.

Very best wishes,

Mike  .     3rd Feb 2010  .


Hi I would love to reserve 1 of your kittens due the end of March please!
I really have my heart set on a girl,
I really do not mind what colouring, as she would just be an adored pet, .
Thanks ever so much
Sophie :-)

             2nd Feb 2010 .



 Yes I would like it if you could put me on your waiting list.

Thanks Claire B .      28TH Jan 2010 .



I would like to enquire about any Snow Shoe Kittens you may have available. I
would appreciate any information you could give me. I am wanting to buy a
kitten as soon as possible,
best wishes,
kate    .24th Jan 2010 .



Hi Chris,
 now added  Bitzaglitz Jessica’s title to her pic . It looks really good .     Mollie . 21st Jan 2010 .



Hi Chris        you're welcome.         Mollie . 21st  Jan 2010 .



Hi Chris,
your entry is on the studs page, looks very good.  Take a look
Might as well get your name up there for people to see !
 purrsss               Mollie .       21st Jan 2010 .



Hi Chris ,

                 , Alfie has settled very well and is very friendly towards everyone who visits my house , he enjoys sleeping on me and me-ouwing at the fridge to give him some more chicken , he also seems to enjoy watching football and me-ouws at me if I change the channel until I put it back on . bye John.   20th Jan 2010 .



 Thanks Chris, they're gorgeous!

 Chloe . 19th Jan 2010 .



Hi Chris
Thank you for the pictures. He is adorable!  We would love to come and see him and  bring him home with us the same day- would that be ok?
We would be able to come on Sunday - It is about a 4 hour drive just getting to you for us …….

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
 Kind Regards . Megan .     15th Jan 2010 .




I would like to ask about next kittens. I am very interested in buying your beautiful cat-girl bicolour. is it possible to order?

I will be grateful of your quick answer.

Kinds regards,

Marika .      13th Jan 2010 .



Hi Chris,
I'm so pleased for you as Jessicas breeder that she did so well at the TICA show,
Thank you for letting me have such a super girl.  Have mailed Bob to put her title and
pedigree name on her pic on my site.
purrsss             Mollie .  12th Jan 2010 .



Thank you Chris for your reply

 understandable she’s a beauty !

Becky . 4th Jan 2010 .



hi, i love this cat...i just wanted to know much she is?
i love her and i am thinking of getting a kitten just like her
Samantha . 27th Dec 2009



Snowie has got the highest title in FIFE European Champion. 

Here it is snowing .

Bye from me

Maria H .    Sweden .    27th Dec 2009 .



hi chris,
that sounds great! thankyou so much for everything you are doing, i really appreciate it. 
once again, thankyou!
louise x        24th Dec 2009.



hi, they are stunning!!!
i cant wait, lol! they are my purrfect xmas prezzies lol! ;
thanx ever so much! x      23rd Dec 2009 .



hi there,
im sooo excited! :
is there any chance you could email me a pic of them?
many thanks louise x 23rd Dec 2009 .



Hi Chris ,

saw  your girl  Bitzaglitz Twinkletoes  that Molly has at the TICA show - she is stunning.

Best wishes

Nicky G .     22nd Dec 2009.



would like  your lovely kittens please get back to me asap very interested thank you .

Kirsty .     22nd Dec 2009 .



Hi I was wondering  about  your pet Snowshoe kittens? I just love them.
Thank you very much, Debbie   .      21st Dec 2009.



hiya these cats are gorgeous, have u still got them, id be happy to home them both . Sinead  x  . 21 Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for the pictures and the link to you website. She looks lovely so I'm still very interested    Many Thanks .  Joolz .      20th Oct 2009.



Hi Chris,

I hope Osage and Warrior are getting on ok . Thank you very much for letting her come to you, your cats are lovely.


Anne .      20th Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris,

How lovely to hear from you.  the Bengals - I love them too!
Carol H .     20th Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris
well what a sweetie Jess is.  She slept in the lounge last night.  She did'nt cry and did'nt touch anything (I moved your flowers out just in case)
She's now asleep on the sofa. What a clever girl!  
I've entered her for two shows:  TICA  11th December and GCCF on January 9th. Hopefully she
will get a meritand qualify for the Supreme 2010 
. All these plans and she's not been with me 24 hours yet!
          'purrsss          Mollie. 17th Oct 2009 .



 Hi Chris,
 The  kittens sound lovely, I look forward to seeing pics of them.   night night          Mollie . 15th Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris,

I'm sure I shall love Jessica, a  real sweetie .  See you tomorrow
purrsss                   Mollie .      15th Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris,
I got 3 hours sleep last night ..... too excited about getting Jessica on Friday ..... tomorrow ...... to sleep!
purrzzz          Mollie .     15th Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris,
 Thank you for the offer of the stunning Jessica and/or a PP male which I really appreciate. 
 'bye for now               Mollie .      14th Oct 2009 .



 Just to enquire  about your adorable kittens ? 

Lottie .      
8th Oct 2009 .



We have been racking our brains for ideas for names! We have a short list . We are really excited about picking him up!
 Hope you and the kittens are all well,

 Nick and Angela  .7th Oct 2009 .


 Hi Chris,


Thanks for your lovely reply. I'm very glad to hear that Oscar has such a lovely nature as Jasmine .

  I look forward to hearing from you.

 Kind regards

Laura     .5th  Oct 2009 .



Hi Chris

More or less made my mind up from the photos that he is the one I want. He is very handsome , blue point look fantastic as well don’t they ! he will get well loved

Many thanks  . 

Angus  .   2nd Oct 2009 .


Hello and good afternoon !

My name is Martina K, I live in Pinneberg (near Hamburg, Germany). I am breeding Snowshoes  .

I am looking for a little snowshoe-boy in blue for breed and show. Do you have little boys ?

Bye for now,

Martina and the little snowies . 1st Oct 2009 .



I Have just been admiring your beautiful kittens, do you have any still available ?

Kind Regards

Hannah 30th Sept 2009 .



Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for meeting us and showing us your lovely cats. I would have taken them all home including the Snowshoes if I could!!
Just to confirm we will pick the Bengal up on Friday ……..
Thanks again,
Nick .         22nd    Sept   2009 .



 Hi  Chris,
Thank you very much for the photos. He is a very pretty boy! 
We'd love to come and see him.
Thanks again for the photos,
Nick and Angela .    16th Sept 2009 .



hello there, kittens are gorgeous! Priya .     10th Sept 2009 .



Heya x I think your kittens are absoulutly adorable x , hope to hear from you soon x Dannii xx 8th Sept 2009 .



Hi Chris, just wondering if you have any kittens ,we have decided that we definately want a girl and we don`t mind waiting ,hope you are well pauline xx     1st Sept 2009 .




We are Lara and Vitor, a recently married couple of physicians from Recife - Pernambuco - Brazil. We would like to know if you have kittens available, if you will export them to Brazil .

 Thank you for your attention,

We are looking forward for your answer,

Lara and Vitor.         30th Aug 2009 .




My name Krzysztof  Z. I'm from Sosnowiec-Poland. I have breeder snowshoe cats too.

Your cats is beautifull.

Best wishes.

Krzysztof   .        29th Aug  2009 .             ©