snow babies
The snowshoe cat is a very attractive breed that is rare in the uk,they are a playful cat with an absolutely outstanding personality and just love to be around people,they are ideal companions and offer many hours of delightful entertainment and a cats lifetime of affectionate companionship.  
The origin of the snowshoe can be traced back to the 60's when a lady called
dorothy hinds daughterty from philadelphia in the united states found that she
had three siamese kittens with all white feet,although the variant did not reoccur
dorothy liked the contrast between the point colour and the stark white of the
feet and developed the first snowshoe line by crossing her siasmese with an
american shorthair bi-colour.
The breed is still relatively rare in america with an average of 15 breeders,
In the uk a breeding programme was started in 1986 and by 1997 there was only
one breeder left and her name was maureen shackell and together with mollie
southall of the coldenufforsnow cattery they had just 5 cats to save the breed,
and today the breed is still relatively rare in the uk.
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